What Criminal Lawyers, Defence Attorneys Really Mean?

Just recently, a story about an experienced solicitor in Hurtsville who lost his job because of pursuing a criminal case was all over the news. He was from a property firm and therefore had no expertise in criminal defence. This led to his own client suing him for malpractice. This was a sad case of career confusion. The story made the country realise how little people know about the different types of lawyers. It is disappointing to see a prominent business man going to a business lawyer to draw up a business premises lease, a role that should be played by a property lawyer. It is evident that people do not seem to understand the different categories of law itself.

solicitor in Cronulla Engadine who deals with legal matters in a court of law. They instruct barristers to act as advocates for their clients. In some countries, there a clear distinction exists between an advocate and a barrister while in others, the names are synonyms. For instance, such a lawyer in Caringbah can either be called an advocate or a barrister since in the United Kingdom, no clear distinction exists. A criminal lawyer represents individuals or groups in criminal matters. There specialize in criminal law and thus represent suspects of crimes. At times they handle issues not associated with criminal matters but this is in very rare occasions. They usually defend people from charges such as: appeals, bail reduction, expungement hearings and parole violations. It is also necessary for people to understand that criminal defence lawyers also specialize in the type of charges they pursue. They defend suspects from numerous types of crimes such as: battery, assault, DUI, burglary, identity theft, homicide, possession of unregistered weapons, theft and white collar crimes. These lawyers may specialize in one of those major crimes listed. This therefore means that whenever someone is looking for a defence lawyer, they should choose one that has enough experience in that area of crime.

Another common misconception is thinking that criminal defence lawyers and defence attorneys are the same. This is not the case since defence attorneys have a wider coverage of the cases they represent. By definition, defence attorneys are lawyer who represent defendants in both criminal and civil cases depending on their area of specialty. If such a lawyer chooses to specialize in criminal law, that will make him or her a criminal defence attorney. There are numerous other specialties that a defence attorney is suited for. Civil defence attorneys and trial lawyers are defence attorneys that specialize in non-criminal cases. Some of the cases defence lawyers handle in a civil court are: lawsuits between individuals, representation of an insurance company’s interests in a claim, medical malpractice, professional licensing defence, products liability, local government law, construction laws and lastly labour and employment matters.

Law is a vast field making it impossible even for the brightest minds to master every aspect in legal matters. This is the reason behind specializing of lawyers. It is therefore important for defendants to comprehend this in their pursuit of the best lawyer to represent them.