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Can I challenge a Child Support Assessment? How much child support will I receive/have to pay? My ex-partner threatens to take my child and return overseas, what can I do?

There is no off the shelf answer to your legal concerns and that is why you need us.

Divorce, annulment and alimony, the dreaded words in the institution of marriage! Nobody wants to be affiliated with divorce lawyers Sydney or any lawyers for that matter because we are somehow conditioned to think that need for legal advice equals failing in that respective subject matter. We have advanced so much as a society yet there are many taboos which brings about negativity and divorce is one of them.

Family law solicitors and commercial litigation lawyers seem to have mushroomed everywhere and it poses a fundamental question? Is there really so many family disputes or is it just another facade? Though we cannot vouch for the others, with us I can assure that you will receive the best legal advice. Our team comprises of both family and commercial litigation lawyers who will avail their service to you accordingly and the upside to our firm is that we house both genres of practitioners and their expertise is only an office away.   Whether you are considering advice on a personal level or with regard to commercial matters know that you have come to the right place!

Commercial dispute resolution is also an area we have triumphed in many occasions. Our dispute lawyers have done their homework on all major areas concerning commercial law and know inside out of everything there has to be. You name any legal requirement that you have and we can direct you to the best person in our team with the most exposure to you specific dilemma.


A great extent of experience: our team has many divorce lawyers as well as commercial lawyer who have a combined knowledge on how we can help out of your confusion.

A all-encompassing approach: we like to think out of the box and not stick to the usual way of thinking. Our team will be available around the clock to serve you to the best of our ability

A commitment to your case: you are our priority and our undivided attention and service will always be served to you, literally in a silver platter!

A results-focused attitude: we have clear and open communication lines which enable us to be the best family law solicitor or the most reliable dispute lawyer.